FREE SCHOOL OF is an educational platform celebrating conversation over any other form of knowledge. Perhaps, it is a kind of education you may get by listening to strangers on the train. Unlike Masterclass where you pay 14 pounds 17 pence per month, billed annually, to have Jeff Koons, Anna Wintour or David Lynch teach you creativity, FREE SCHOOL OF is free literally and conceptually, challenging dogmatism and exploring contradictions. FREE SCHOOL OF is founded by Marko Milovanovic.

PATRIK SCHUMACHER not the right time for plurality

architect, theorist

HETAIN PATEL hero and medium


CHARLIE KOOLHAAS when rules fall apart I am right there


STEPHAN TRÜBY from disaster to happiness

architect, academic

Director of Institute for Principles of Modern Architecture

University of Stuttgart

FATOŞ ÜSTEK artwork comes first

curator, writer

OANA STĂNESCU the philosophy of randomness

architect, educator

ANDREAS LANG space for public works

architect, educator

Co-founder of public works

MArch Architecture Course Director, Central Saint Martins, London 


NADER TEHRANI constructing patience


Dean of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, The Cooper Union, New York

IVA ČUKIĆ squatting a city trapped by lunetics

architect, activist

Ministry of Space Collective, Belgrade

ANDREW GRASSIE rules and other forms of freedom


DUBRAVKA SEKULIC disconnecting architecture

architect, author

Royal College of Art, London

LISA LE FEUVRE art is in the world


Executive Director of Holt/Smithson Foundation

CHRISTINA VARVIA the case for investigation


Forensic Architecture, Goldsmiths College, London

VICKY RICHARDSON choosing paths and connections

curator, writer, educator

DR HARRIET HARRISS architecture needs therapy

architect, writer, historian

Dean of Pratt School of Architecture, Brooklyn, New York


MICHAEL SALU controlling purpose and reading Dostoevsky

writer, artist, creative director

Founder of House of Thought

LJUBICA SLAVKOVIC architecture happens when you look up

author, curator

Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade

COLIN PRIEST practice as a form of practice

practitioner, educator

Founder of Studio Columba, London

JELENA PRLJEVIC sisterhood in graphite


Co-founder of HEKLER, Brooklyn, New York

SIMON TAYLOR dialogue not truth

artist, designer, director

Co-founder of Tomato, London

YUSUF HASSAN book is jazz is community

editor, publisher

Founder of Black Mass Publishing, New York

KENNY SCHACHTER on generosity, Zaha Hadid and unlearning

collector, curator, artist, writer

JACK SELF why architect

architect, writer, editor

Director of REAL and Editor-in-Chief of Real Review

SCOTT KING from designer to artist to writer

designer, artist, writer